Choose Local First - Our Local Independent Businesses are the Backbone of Our Communities!

Adams Avenue News

Mid City Newspaper Group publishes positive, upbeat, community content. We focus on photos, lifestyle articles, backgrounds, talents, gifts and contributions of the locals who live and work in our community. Here are a few of the local San Diego neighborhoods we currently reach:

Cooperative Business Advertising

Our philosophy is different from any other media you may have purchased in the past. We believe advertising, marketing & publicity should be an investment and NOT an expense. At the end of the day, you should be able to quantify your return on investment with any media. If you are not making money, like any investment, you shouldn’t be doing it.

Our Mission & Motto – We Choose Local First!

Our Communities Matter! Our mission at Mid City Newspaper Group is to share news and information that celebrates our wonderful and unique neighborhoods in the Mid City region, and to promote the local independent businesses that keep our communities vibrant, safe, clean, and attractive to visitors and residents alike.

Our motto is “Community, Kids & Causes” and our method of operation supports this by sharing good news with our neighbors, getting our children involved with the writing, production, and distribution of the papers, and supporting community charities, fundraisers, and other local causes.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support and promotion of Mid City Little League in the newspapers. I, and the kids really appreciate your support and sponsorship! - Kevin Kelly, Member of Board of Directors, Mid-City Little League.
Adams Avenue News may looks small but has a Big Heart. They keep their commitments’ to advertisers. GALLERY4204 ads are perfectly placed and the color is always is correct. Kudos to this Big Hearted paper with Soul for the community. They are authentic to core with the intention, “Shop Local Community Counts”. - Adams Heritage Row and GALLERY4204
As a local business I feel that local advertising is the only way to go! It lets people in the area know what you have to offer and that you are part of the community and support them. I've gotten such a great response from the community only after my first month in the Adams Avenue news with multiple people coming in to say that they read about the business in the Adams Avenue news. Everything was done fast and efficiently and the staff is wonderful to work with and have options affordable even for us new and small businesses! I will definitely be standing by my local paper for my local business for years to come! - Dr. Meredith Walton, Heights Optometry