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About Mid City Newspaper Group – Our History, Mission, Motto and Why We Support Local Communities and Business!

Our Communities Matter!

Mid City Newspaper Group formed in March of 2015 with the acquisition of a single newspaper, North Park News, which was publishing a 12-page paper and distributing to 5,900 homes and business in the North Park area. Our primary distribution at the time consisted of rolling the papers and tossing them into neighborhood driveways, as well as dropping them off at local businesses. Not terrible – but in no way the most effective, or well received, distribution model.

More importantly than total number of copies distributed, is how we now distribute our papers! Unlike other area papers which continue to be rolled up and thrown out all along our streets – our papers are DIRECT MAILED right into local residents’ mailboxes!  This method is much more expensive than the “throw them out” method but MUCH more effective. Direct mail has proven time and time again to be the most effective way to reach consumers. We do also distribute in newspaper racks throughout our neighborhoods; as well as at counter displays and stacks at various local retail locations, salons, offices, libraries, and more!

My how we’ve grown!   In April 2016 we added two new communities and now distribute EIGHT unique neighborhood papers including North Park NewsAdams Avenue NewsThe Boulevard NewsKen-Tal News; Hillcrest NewsSouth Park News, Bay Park Connection, IB Connection!  Our May 2016 papers will be in ELEVEN communities with a total distribution of over 51,000 copies! Look  for us in your mailbox soon!

Our mission at Mid City Newspaper Group is to share news and information that celebrates our wonderful and unique neighborhoods in the Mid City region, and to promote the local independent businesses that keep our communities vibrant, safe, clean, and attractive to visitors and residents alike.

Our motto is “Community, Kids & Causes” and our method of operation supports this by sharing good news with our neighbors, getting our children involved with the writing, production, and distribution of the papers, and supporting community charities, fundraisers, and other local causes.

Mid City Newspaper Group also supports “Choose Local First!”, the San Diego County affiliate of the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit alliance of, by and for the local organizations and independent trade groups.

Organized in 2014 by a small number of volunteer business owners and community-minded residents, Choose Local First today welcomes locally owned and independent business partners, including citizens and government organizations to join in supporting the message of Choosing Local First when making purchasing decisions.

Choose Local First is open to all businesses that are at least 51% locally-owned, and who make their business decisions independently.

When our neighborhood residents and businesses contract, hire and purchase locally, they invest in the strength and success of our local community. Choose Local First brings neighbors together, and puts the money we spend back into the vitality of our local communities.

Community First Newspaper Direct Mailed To Your House

Celebrating Life Together publishes positive, upbeat, community content, focusing on photos, lifestyle articles, backgrounds, talents, gifts and contributions of the locals who live and work in our community. Here are the local northern San Diego California neighborhoods we are currently in:

Get your local information on activities, events, news and information about your local community and businesses, and cute, fun, and informative videos by businesses and residents in your area.  Our mission at Mid City Newspaper Group is to share news and information that celebrates our wonderful and unique neighborhoods.

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