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Go Local and Support Community Business – Our local communities matter!

Our mission at Mid City Newspaper Group is to share news and information that celebrates our wonderful and unique neighborhoods.

Local San Diego Communities: 


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GoLocal411.com is the online source for community residents to discover valuable information about neighborhood events, announcements, special offers, contests, local “daily deals” and coupons from merchants closest to home.

We inspire our members to find, share, and enjoy the best of their neighborhoods by connecting them with local businesses With new and diverse offers and community information each day, we reach out and encourage our resident members to discover their local neighborhood businesses and all that they offer.



  • Easy to use online directory.
  • Get the latest Events, Reviews.
  • Get Service Specials, Deals and Coupons.
  • All for Local Small Business and Community Members.


Get your local information on activities, events, news and information about your local community and businesses, and cute, fun, and informative videos by businesses and residents in your area.

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